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Featured Visualizer: Zernan Suarez by Nomeradona

Some of us can still recognize these excellent images done in Vray SketchUp. Who could believe that most of these works were done with the old VraySU 1.05.33.Well, the man behind them is Zernan Suarez, aka "Zdesign". Zernan is one of the famous visualizer at www.cgpinoy.org using Google SketchUp and VraySU. I myself is a fan and  follower of  this man. I love the way he creates his scene with dramatic lighting. Zernan's is also a generous and regular contributor of excellent tutorials when it comes to visualization. 

Let us hear more from Zernan in this mini interview.

Q.Please tell us a bit about yourself.

A. I am Zernan Suarez, my friends call me “Z”. I use “Zdesign” as my username in most of online organization like cgpinoy. I am a Civil Engineering graduate. Unfortunately, I didn’t focus in engineering works. I worked in Jag Jeans Company in the Philippines as a Store Planner/Designer from year 1992 – 2003.

It was year 2004, when I decided to expand my horizon by joining a design company outside the country. At present, I work as an Interior Designer/Visualizer in one of the award winning company here in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Q. Tell us about SketchUp, How did you start with this software? Did you use any other modeling programs before?

At first, I used Autocad in 3d modeling, and Coreldraw for my 2d presentations.  I started using SketchUp way back in year 2008, when I joined my current company, were they used 3dmax software for 3d and rendering presentations. I introduced to my boss Google SketchUp- a software that able to produce quick sketchy concepts and multi-interior views using the scene buttons. I found that most of our clients prefer to see instantly  initial concepts, and interior space set-ups without compromising the final concept/ideas produced by 3dmax. From then on, I started exploring further Google SketchUp and Vray by visiting forum websites like asgvis.com and cgpinoy.org. Through the vast tutorials and resources in these sites, together with the help of the community, I had developed my skills in producing 3d models and photo-realistic images using Vray SketchUp. In my personal opinion, SketchUp is a powerful weapon/tool for making preliminary design solutions because designers can interact and modify their concepts, in real time, during presentations.

Q. Please tell us briefly your workflow with  SketchUp.

A. I would like to breakdown my own methodology in visualization and how I incorporate Sketchup and Vray for SketchUp:
  • Pencil / Manual sketch draft
  • Space Planning / Circulation
  • Volume set up / Modeling / Detail
  • Shade and Shadow Setting
  • Camera Views set up
  • Rough test render
  • Lighting arrangement
  • Color / Texture / Atmosphere
  • Others / Accessories / Entourage
  • Final touch / Render

Q. What or who inspires you?

A. I am inspired by Zaha Hadid’s form and structure and the minimalist touch of Tadao Ando’s projects. I admire particular work with a simple touch of design, whether it is monochrome, plain texture or simple straight line…it impresses me on how to express art in a nice way.

Q. Any advise to those who are new with visualization.

A. “Patience is a Virtue.” For beginners, never stop practicing. We have a saying “practice makes you perfect”. Honestly, any well known artist/designer/visualizer’s work has been influenced and inspired by another artist, and all of them had started from the scratch.  Finally, try to make your own style/statement as much as possible for this will create your visual identity.

Thank you Zernan!

Below are some of the work of Zernan Suarez. If you want to see more of his work, visit his BLOGSITE and follow him.